$45.4 Million in Funding Announced for Trans Labrador Highway

$45.4 Million in Funding Announced for Trans Labrador Highway

At a joint federal-provincial event in Labrador yesterday, Premier Dwight Ball and MP Yvonne Jones announced that the Trans Labrador Highway is $45.4 million closer to completion.

The funding will pay for the complete widening, upgrading, and paving of the TLH from Charlottetown to Cartwright junction. This complements a similar funding commitment last year, which saw a joint investment of $63 million to advance the section between Red Bay and Charlottetown.

“The Trans Labrador Highway project is extremely important to Labradorians, and is vital to the economic development of the region,” said Premier Dwight Ball. “Our commitment to the highway and to the people of Labrador remains steadfast.”

Premier Ball says a paved highway will significantly enhance transportation in the region, and foster economic success in the mining, oil and gas, construction, retail trade, and tourism sectors.

The Liberal Government is contributing $23.2 million toward the project, which is matched with $22.2 million in federal dollars through the New Building Canada Fund.

Lisa Dempster is the MHA for Cartwright – L’Anse au Clair, the district that will receive this infrastructure investment. She has been a vocal supporter of completing the TLH.

“Investments in the Trans Labrador Highway are critical to the province’s economy and to the quality of life for our residents,” Dempster said. “This is especially true for Labrador, where our people depend on a safe highway for health services, education, and employment. The TLH is an essential artery for commerce and economic development, and it will strengthen and support our communities.”