AGM 2018

The Liberal Party of Newfoundland and Labrador will host its 2018 Annual General Meeting and Convention on June 15 and 16 in Gander.

This year’s AGM and Convention will focus on election readiness and policy development. We will also elect a new Executive Board, and the Executive Boards for the Liberal Commissions.

Our success is not possible without our grassroots-Liberals, and we are counting on you to help lead us to another victory in 2019. With our Premier Dwight Ball, our Caucus and people like you, we can help achieve a FUTURE FOCUSED Government.

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EXECUTIVE BOARD NOMINATIONS: Nominations for the Party’s Executive Board closed on May 1st. At the close of nominations, the following positions were contested:

  • Secretary – Sarah Pinsent & Judy Snow
  • Regional Director Avalon East – Leigh Borden & Bill Tapper
  • Regional Director East Central – Patrick Flannigan & Cyril Parsons
  • Women’s Commission President – Selena Murphy & Margot Pitcher
  • Post Secondary 7 Representative – Matthew Babb & Nathan Canning

Other important information, as distributed in mid-April is below: