Allan Hawkins, Grand Falls – Windsor – Buchans

Al Hawkins has had an extensive career as an educator, in business, and in community involvement. Born and raised in Twillingate, he studied at Memorial University and received a BA (Ed) and a BA. He then spent 28 years as a teacher and administrator.

Following his time in the education profession, Minister Hawkins embarked on a business career. He worked for eight years as the executive director of a US-based software company, spearheaded the startup and expansion of a regional call centre operation, and spent time as a mortgage consultant in Grand Falls-Windsor.

Al has been involved in municipal politics since 1993, serving time as a town councillor and more recently, as the mayor of Grand Falls-Windsor. He has volunteered for many causes and has served on numerous boards over the years, including time as president of the Exploits Regional Chamber of Commerce.

He is active in his community and along with his wife, has four children and six grandchildren.

Campaign Headquarters
5D Harris Avenue, Grand Falls-Windsor

(709) 489-0394