NL Receives Another Stable Credit Rating

NL Receives Another Stable Credit Rating

DBRS Limited is the second credit rating agency, following the S&P to issue the province a stable credit rating this summer.  Moody’s affirmed their previously stated negative outlook (long-term ‘Aa3’) with no downgrade in July.

Moving in the Right Direction

The province’s credit rating has been stabilized by sound Liberal financial management following the horrible economic and fiscal conditions created by the former PC administration. DBRS has stated that the province’s financial situation is moving in the right direction and the goal of balancing our books by 2022-23 is on track.

Minister Osborne on the Credit Rating

Our focus remains on the stability and discipline when it comes to fiscal management. We are committed to achieving our fiscal targets, while also finding ways to invest in communities and the services that the people of the province rely on. -Minister of Finance Tom Osborne.