Hasan Hai, Mount Pearl – Southlands

Hasan Hai lives in the District of Mount Pearl – Southlands with his family. As President of the Newfoundland and Labrador Beard and Moustache Club, Hasan and his bearded friends helped to generate over $500,000 for Newfoundland and Labrador Violence Prevention, fundraised with the MerB’ys calendars. Hasan epitomizes community building and unlocking the best in people. Whether his appearances at Project Kindness’ Polar Bear swims in aid of the Bridges to Hope Food Aid Centre, or simply wearing a pink T-Shirt that says “free hugs”, Hasan is genuine and pure in his approach.

The same individual who posted an open invitation on social media to all those alone on Thanksgiving, to dine with him and his family, is the same individual who advocates for the issue of food security by encouraging micro-gardening. He is also the same person that will lobby on your behalf as your MHA. Hasan has seen the needs of people who go without and has lobbied anyone who will listen to work with food establishments to take food and get it into the hands of people that need it instead of it going to waste as it often does.

Campaign Headquarters
16 Centennial Square, Mount Pearl

(709) 219-4847