Jerry Dean, Exploits

A lifelong resident of Botwood, Jerry Dean has long been representing the people of Exploits in leadership capacities. He first entered public life in 1997, serving as a councillor. Jerry served as the mayor of Botwood starting in 2001. During this time, he worked to renew shipping at Botwood’s port facilities and advocated for an expansion of the Hugh Twomey Centre. He has also been a strong advocate for historical preservation.

Jerry was chair of the Exploits Valley Port Council Corporation, Exploits Valley Joint Council, and Exploits Regional Services Board. He has been involved in the Exploits Chamber of Commerce, the Rural Secretariat, and Exploits Valley Economic Development Corporation. He’s also spent many volunteer hours with minor hockey in Botwood. He worked with the Department of Finance, and prior to that, he worked for Abitibi for 30 years.

Campaign Headquarters
Orange Lodge LOL Bishop’s Falls
Lions Club 249 Water Street, Botwood