Lisa Dempster, Cartwright – L’Anse au Clair

With over two decades as a career and employment officer and background in tourism, Lisa Dempster has the credentials to contribute significantly to the public service. While entrusted with a provincial Cabinet portfolio, Lisa is firmly planted in the affairs, and advancement of Southern Labrador. Helping those faced with employment issues and their desire for better education has motivated Lisa in her vigorous schedule of community service and volunteerism. Ms. Dempster was born and raised in Charlottetown, Labrador, a small town she would eventually become the Deputy Mayor of before running for provincial politics.

Lisa’s experience as the Labrador director on the Provincial Municipalities Board, trustee for the Labrador Grenfell Health Board, and director of the district Waste Management Committee exposed her to the many facets of volunteerism and public life. A proud Memorial alumni, Lisa was a member of the Memorial University School of Medicine’s admissions board, and co-chair of the Literacy Committee.