Muskrat Falls Update Reveals PC Neglect at Expense to Province

Muskrat Falls Update Reveals PC Neglect at Expense to Province

Yesterday, Premier Dwight Ball and Minister Siobhan Coady held a press conference to respond to the most recent Muskrat Falls Cost Update. During the conference, findings of a SNC-Lavalin Risk Assessment Report were released. This report, conducted in 2013, strongly foreshadows the current state of affairs the province now finds itself in. The former CEO of Nalcor was aware of these risks contained in the report four years ago.


Premier Dwight Ball said this report reflects “a project that was poorly planned, a project that had no meaningful engagement, was ill-conceived, and reckless.”

Minister Siobhan Coady stated “we’ve always questioned this project, the galling thing is there were severe risks identified that were either simply ignored, not addressed, or even assigned any credibility for that matter.” She further added “we understand that they (PCs) would not even accept the report.”

Shame on them.

When reading this report with the benefit of hindsight, the precision in which the current struggles of the project are outlined is incredible. And we will share this report with you now.” – Premier Dwight Ball