Neil King, Bonavista

Neil King was raised in Catalina on the Bonavista Peninsula. Neil had a decorated 14 year career with the Royal Canadian Navy. He was admitted to the highly competitive Regular Officer Training Plan where he attended Memorial University of Newfoundland. His academic credentials include a Diploma of Marine Engineering Technology and a Bachelor of Technology from MUN. Neil has taken his engineering officer expertise across the globe from counter-narcotic operations in West Africa and the Caribbean, the conflicts of Afghanistan and Libya. Neil holds the Canadian Forces Decoration, the Queen’s Jubilee Medal, the Canada Youth Award, the Legion Medal of Excellence, and the Lord Strathcona Medal to accompany his three service medals. Neil King has a long association with non-profit organizations from his time served with Canada’s Navy and took his commitment to causes back to home to his native Newfoundland and Labrador. His efforts to help establish the MHA scholarship for educational institutions in the district and the annual toy drive in Bonavista are just two examples of Neil’s continued commitment to the District.

Campaign Headquarters
218 Main Street, Catalina
Main Road, Bloomfield
122 Confederation Drive, Bonavista

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