Premier Ball Denounces Harassment in the Workplace

Premier Ball Denounces Harassment in the Workplace

The following statement was read by Premier Ball today October 23, 2018 in Newfoundland and Labrador House of Assembly. 

Statement by
The Honourable Dwight Ball
Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador
October 23, 2018

Premier Ball Denounces Harassment in the Workplace

Mr. Speaker, in society and in this House of Assembly bullying, harassment and intimidation in any form and by any means is not acceptable.

As an employer, government has a stringent policy to deal with these issues. We have passed legislation to ensure that those working in the public sector have a clear and structured means to report incidents and to have them dealt with promptly and professionally.

A better, more defined process is required for Members of the House of Assembly. We must be held to our Code of Conduct as required by the Oath of Office to serve with integrity; to enhance public confidence and trust in government; and to maintain high standards of ethical conduct in public office. The Standing Committee on Privileges and Elections is making progress toward the development of a legislature-specific harassment-free workplace policy.

As Members of the House of Assembly, we must conduct ourselves in a manner befitting our elected positions. We must lead by example. Respect and integrity is essential in all that we do.

As premier, let me state once again. Harassment and bullying is not acceptable and there will be zero tolerance.

Thank you.