Our Five Point Plan

We are excited about the future. Our province can no longer rely solely on the wealth of non-renewable resources and the hope that prices will rebound. We can watch and wait. But we aren’t content being bystanders. We want to lead. And we are ready to lead.

Newfoundlanders and Labradorians have survived and thrived in a harsh climate for centuries. The challenging fiscal situation before us is just that – a challenge. We are far too resilient and perseverant a people to back down from a challenge. We are far too innovative and resourceful to be defined by oil wealth. Together, we can craft a narrative for our province of healthy, happy, and diverse communities for a stronger tomorrow.

We stand by our belief that if you can’t listen, you can’t lead. The answers are out there – in the collective experiences of our people – of how policies and programs could and should work better. Through extensive public consultation and engagement, we have worked hard to develop a core set of policies and actions that reflect the interests of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians.

The Five Point Plan for A Stronger Tomorrow includes:

  • – Restoring Openness, Transparency, and Accountability
  • – Building a Smarter, Stronger Economy
  • – Improving Health and Health Care
  • – Supporting Safe and Sustainable Communities
  • – Investing in Our Future Through Education

Restoring Openness, Transparency, and Accountability

Openness and transparency helps ensure government accountability. It fosters an engaged province. Openness and transparency ensures our governance is current and responsive to the needs and wants of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians. We are committed to putting people first, not politics. We are committed to envisioning beyond the four-year political cycle for the greater good of our province. Learn more.

Building a Smarter, Stronger Economy

For too long, our government has relied on non-renewable resources to define our wealth as a province. What they’ve failed to do is invest that wealth strategically in our most prized renewable resource: our people. We are committed to creating the conditions for businesses and people to succeed. Our province needs leadership that brings people together and harnesses the creative, innovative minds in our communities to diversify and build a smarter, stronger economy. We need to re-envision our economy with big picture thinking, entrepreneurial spirit, and market ourselves to the world with the message: we are open for business. Learn more.

Improving Health and Health Care Together

No longer does our province need to be the last, lowest, and worst when it comes to our health care outcomes. Our people deserve better. Our plan is to engage people to partner on achieving better health care and better overall health. We need to promote healthier lifestyles by working with schools and communities to get proactive on health care. Learn more.

Supporting Safe and Sustainable Communities

We’ve said it before – a failure to plan is a plan to fail. In the absence of a plan for economic development, many of our communities and regions are experiencing a decline. Communities are grappling with high unemployment, poverty, mental health, and addictions issues. We understand that these issues are not unrelated and we are committed to creating safe and sustainable communities throughout our province.

Investing in Our Future Through Education

Liberals are focused on growth. We want an education system that excels on a world stage in fostering the personal growth of each and every student. We believe that a student’s success should be measured in terms of social and academic development. We want to instill in our youth resilience, confidence, and a readiness for learning.

Whether it’s the management of the provincial economy, the level of support for communities, or the delivery of government services, a new Liberal government will deliver better management, long-term planning, a stronger economy, and an open government.

Over the course of this election campaign we look forward to rolling out the details of our Five Point Plan, and together, we will build a stronger tomorrow.

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