Woodworking Reshapes Lives at HMP

Woodworking Reshapes Lives at HMP

Today May 1, 2018,  the Minister of Justice and Public Safety, Andrew Parsons, rose in the House of Assembly to talk about the good work that can come through trade shops in correctional facilities in our province. Namely, the woodworking program at Her Majesty’s Penitentiary.


Provides an Outlet

Woodworking and other trades can be an outlet for inmates and gives them the opportunity to be creative. This outlet has led to inmates who working shop to experience fewer disciplinary issues than those who do not partake in the program.

Minister Parsons

Minister Parsons spoke from personal experience in describing the benefits that the woodworking program has had at correctional facilities in Newfoundland and Labrador.

I have personally visited the trade shops at our correctional facilities across the province. I have spoken with inmates that participate in these programs about how they benefit from the work and the pride they feel due to the positive impacts they have on their communities. As well, inmates are developing skills that they can use when they leave custody and are being provided with a sense of purpose as they serve their sentences.

Minister Parsons also thanked Correction Officer Steve Martin, who heads the shop at HMP will skill and commitment.

You Liberal Government is committed to measures that help rehabilitate those who have been found guilty of criminal offences and are serving time in our correctional institutions.