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The Furey government recognizes the significant demographic challenges Newfoundland and Labrador faces, which we must act swiftly to address. 

“Our government will grow Newfoundland and Labrador’s population, by tripling our immigration target to address our aging and shrinking population,” said Premier Andrew Furey. 

In order to reach that goal, by 2026 the Furey government will align our provincial immigration goal of 1,700 newcomers a year with Canada’s national immigration target of 5,100 per year – welcoming newcomers at a rate of approximately one per cent of the current population.  Our Government will implement a suite of immigration policies to strengthen the province for the future. 

For example, the Furey government recently launched the Priority Skills Newfoundland and Labrador Program. This latest pathway for newcomers is designed in response to requests from employers for more help to meet their growing demand for highly educated, highly skilled workers. It supports employers looking for workers with specialized experience in areas such as technology and ocean sciences, where demand has outpaced local training and recruitment. 

“Our government will collaborate with the federal government to add more immigration categories, aimed at addressing specific job shortages in the province to cultivate growth industries – creating more job opportunities and increasing our population,” said Premier Furey. 

Increasing immigration has to include improving retention rates, so newcomers to Newfoundland and Labrador will stay. The Furey government will roll out a series of new initiatives to ensure newcomers thrive in Newfoundland and Labrador, and see the province as their home. 

Building on our international reputation for hospitality and openness, a government under the leadership of Premier Andrew Furey will expand opportunities for newcomers, fostering a sense of belonging in their communities. Some of the ways this will be accomplished are by targeting access to culturally-specific social and recreational activities, and food; opportunities for their spouses and families to work; and celebrating diversity. Supporting opportunities to learn about and engage with our local culture and heritage will help these efforts as well. 

“Our government will focus on giving newcomers access to opportunities in arts and culture, sports and recreation for new residents of all ages – helping to foster a sense of cultural exchange, understanding and belonging,” Premier Furey said. 

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