Investing in Youth Health and Wellness



Creating a healthy and health-conscious population in Newfoundland and Labrador starts with learning healthy habits and behaviours from a young age. 

The Furey government is committed to working with educators, community organizations, and students to improve the health curriculum in the province’s schools and update it with the most recent information on exercise, nutrition, substance use/abuse, relationship building, mental health and sexual health. 

“Giving young people in our province the tools to lead healthy lifestyles empowers them to become healthy adults, which is incredibly important,” said Premier Andrew Furey.

“Our government will make sure health teachers have access to quality training so that our province’s students have the best opportunity to live a healthy, rewarding life,” he said. 

Access to essentials like feminine care products is another important piece of growing a healthy population, as nearly one in seven Canadian girls have either left school early or missed school entirely because they did not have access to the period products they need.

“Young people in Newfoundland and Labrador should not be losing out on opportunities or be embarrassed because they can’t afford or can’t access menstrual products,” said Furey. 

Consulting with local women’s organizations, including some who have advanced great work in this area, the Furey government will provide free period products in schools. This will alleviate the issues they face surrounding access to products.

Partnering with suppliers and using funds already in the Department of Health and Community Services budget, the Furey government will ensure no student will face the indignity of not being able to access these essential products.

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